Wednesday 2 April 2014

The Godfather of House (RIP)

Hey guys, Nite here. Once again, I had intended to write an album review, but alas, something more pressing came up. As many of you know, House music is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. That being said, such a thing could not have been possible without the talented and brilliant mind of one Frankie Knuckles.  Of course, most of us House lovers know this already, so what is the point that I'm trying to make then?

Frankie Knuckles, the Legendary Godfather of House Music, has passed away.

Death is obviously never a good thing, but to lose such an influential figure in the House scene is just mind-blowing. Knuckles helped provide a wonderful atmosphere for many people in Chicago, especially for those who were being oppressed and dejected for having AIDS or for being part of the LGBT community. Frankie took the concepts of love and harmony, found in disco and funk music, and used it as a framework for creating one of the most quintessential sub-genres for Dance music.

In honor of his tremendous achievements as a musician and a DJ, I dedicate this post to him and his work. Here are some of the best tracks and remixes he's made over the course of his 30+ years of producing and DJ'ing. Hopefully you'll find them as amazing as a I did and still do.

 Last, but most certainly not least, comes from a group named Vintage Lounge Orchestra. The group recently just released a new EP titled 'Dreams', in which they remake a classic Fleetwood Mac track and turn the already amazing track into something just as awesome. Well, guess who took a part in remixing the remade track?  Yep you guessed it, the Godfather himself. Give it a listen, I promise you'll love it.

Here's to you Frankie. We'll always love you and your music, even if you're not with us.


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