Wednesday 16 April 2014

Let's solve a mystery!

Take a listen to this track real quick and let's talk....

It debuted during James Blake's residency program on radio one this month (if you haven't had a chance to listen to all of those you are missing out btw). So anyways James Blake id'ed it as a track from Simon Tallywhacker. The man is non existent other than this song titled "Bloke". 

So some theory's are going around that it's really a new Jamie xx track which would make sense because he has a new single coming out soon "Girl/Sleep sound". We have already heard Sleep Sound but not Girl yet. Bloke is the opposite of girl and it does have the time stretched vocals that we expect from him. 

Another theory is that it's Chance the Rappers new alias, and he turned into a super producer under the watchful eye of his new roommate, James Blake. This one is unlikely but fun to think about.

It could also be a new name Blake is producing under or hey maybe Simon Tallywhacker is a real guy who is bound to become one of the years hottest producers.

My personal opinion that's guaranteed to be wrong? It's Jai Paul. 

Until we know for sure I'll be listening to this one on repeat. What do all of you think? Let me know! 

1 comment:

Radu said...

Oh, I love mysteries! Can me a real bloke to me, new kid on the block. Look at SOHN and the amount of artists he grew under his productions. Could be a new SOHN child.