Saturday 13 September 2014

Deep Quotes Have Ruined The Internet

What I imagine interneters look like

Earl here with a new round of track reviews for ya!
Lets get right into it,

First up is another song by Brika, whose track "Expectations" was featured on here earlier. This song, entitled "Options" is a love song about having other lovers somtimes, sure to be a hit with your girlfriend!

Next up is a very exciting track for me personally because its the first single from a solo project by a dude named Maxim Reality (you know that guy from a group you might know called "The Prodigy") Its called Wolf and its for free! FREE.

This song is called "Struggling" by DRDR.
Listen to it.
It has an excellent mood.

And last but not least, we have a VERY funky EP by Persona La Ave called "Relation" which is half of their Temptation/Relation project.
I love every song on this, check it out here

Get out of the house sometime
- Earl

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