Monday 15 September 2014

Old Skool Monday

As part of my dissertation I'm looking up samples and stuff such as the Amen Break and that, and because of that I've been digging in my old school section for more material and I'm really liking it, tunes after the art!

Keith Haring - Pop Shop VI (1989)

Starting off with my first rave loves The Prodigy. I fully blame them for my love of cheesy piano this track is pretty testament to that. Tracks like Charly and Out Of Space are what I think of first when it comes to The Prodigy, pretty much what I think of full stop when I cast my mind back to my psuedo-rave days.

I've mentioned before in a post abut how around 1993/4 Drum & Bass tends to get torn between it's hardcore roots and the more recognisable styles of Drum & Bass. This track here is no exception, it's from 1993 and honestly the breaks that get introduced could easily be taken from a Current Value or even a more sedate Venetian Snares tune, it's absolutely mental.

The same is exhibited here by Omni Trio, though this track sounds considerably more dated than Digable Bass, or hell even the legendary Renegade Saraes from around the same time. Still, I think it's important to see the evolution of genres; the samples here are kinda like what the Prodigy were pulling up there on Your Love, only with beakbeats behind it.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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