Wednesday 3 September 2014

Little Things

Got a real hankering today for a certain type of tune I have precious little of. You'll see what I mean in a few, I'll explain a bit more after the art!

Jim Rosenquist - Dog Descending A Staircase (1979)

Right, so it' this kinda song here. I can't really explain it but the Knife's early work is chock full of solid examples, the kind of low budget DIY synth action that my long time music buddy described as "like something from the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack".

Of course, Plone are a mainstay in this style, their playful electronics are never far when I get this itch, I wish they had more releases to their name though, I could see a tune like this going down well in the current music scene.

And Broadcast even dabbled in it on their electronic oriented LP Tender Buttons. Titled after the Gertrude Stein poem of the same name, the track (and the whole album really) are amazingly well done considering the band at this point was a skeleton crew of Cargill & Keenan.

-Clude Van Foxbat

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