Monday 29 September 2014

Week 2

So this is it, sorry for the lack of updates but I went away for the weekend, and finally being on a proper schedule again doesn't help. Anyways here's some songs seeing me through the day to day.

Alex Colville - New Moon (1980)

Starting with a lil' extra the folks at warp were so nice to give me back when Mind Bokeh was new. There's not much different from the LP version here aside from the shorter intro, but that's a pretty big plus. It's been a fair few years sine this came out and it's still as solid as it was back then.

Another return to the Flying Lotus demos that are floating about the net. They're full of hidden gems that wouldn't see the light of day otherwise, I almost wish FlyLo still did these occasionally, but his new direction is pretty sick so I can't complain.

And finally the bonus track tucked away at the end of Lucky Boy. I just pulled the LP out along with all my old Ed Banger gear after listening to a ton of Mehdi's pre-Ed Banger work and it's been a trip in nostalgia for sure, even now I've branched out into all sorts of stuff I still got a soft spot for the brand of electro put out by the Ed Rec lot. Another great we lost too soon.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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