Sunday 14 September 2014

Ilictronix Wingman: Breakup Edition.

Autumn, the days aren't as long, the leaves are turning brown and dying and your summer romances are coming to an end. We have brought you a couple of wingman posts and hopefully you all found that special someone. But its time to look at the other side of things and make a killer list to listen to when that knot becomes unfurled leaving you more hollow than a jack-o-lantern.

 Lets go with the obvious pick first, The xx - Sunset. We talk about The XX a lot on this site and it would be easy to post Coexist in its entirety but due to copyright reasons and not wanting to bum you out too hard we will just do one of the standout tracks.

"I always thought it was sad The way we act like strangers After all that we had We act like we had never met."

Oh yeah that's right, embrace those feels. You might still see her at the grocery store or at Starbucks getting her Soy Latte, but she doesn't even acknowledge you. She probably got a new haircut too, symbolizing that she is now a different person and there is no room for you in her life anymore.

The next track is off SBTRKT's newest album "Wonder Where We Land" and features vocals from Sampha. A sad and haunting piano ballad kills the vibe on the album but is perfect for this list.

 "Would I lie to myself just to be close to somebody else" 

You probably changed for her didn't you? She said she loved the Smiths and I'm sure you agreed and said you loved her Morrisey tattoo. Its ok, we've all been there, she isint coming back though so sell those Arcade Fire tickets you bought her for Christmas and be thankful that you don't have to go anymore. We all know Reflektor was a disappointment but you lied to yourself and got the vinyl anyway.

The best way to get over someone is to spend time with a new fling. FKA Twigs should fill that void for you.

"Was I just a number to you?"

The dizzying beat and the her breathless cry's are perfect sounds after you find out that your dream girl was blowing her tattoo artist while you both were together. Yes you were just a number to her. You think she really cares that your drinking canned wine crying about her? Clean yourself up man, you'll be ok.

One of the best benifits to being dumped is that you are allowed a free pass to listen to and love Coldplay.

"Late night watching TV
Used to be you here beside me
Used to be your arms around me
Your body on my body"

Yeah, unfortunately she wasn't "getting breakfast with friends" once a week while you were at work. What did you expect though? She cheated on her boyfriend at the time with you, what makes you think she wouldn't do the same thing again? Hey look on the bright side, you don't have to watch Pretty Little Liars anymore, I mean she didn't even like Hannah! Now you get to sit in your boxers and watch Modern Family and know you will never have that. 

Finishing off this list is something a bit more left-field from Keyshia Cole.

"Can't say I'm not hurt
I'll be damned if I'm broken
What we had is now hers
Let her know she can have it"

When you first met she told you she was a Christian and a born again virgin but you knew better, she even had a kid. She tells you that she drank too much moonshine and had a 5 man train run on her a week after you spend Thanksgiving with her family in Ohio.   Some people never change.

So get a new haircut, buy some fresh threads, hit the gym and keep being incredible, thinks will be ok for you in the end!

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