Wednesday 10 September 2008

My Experience with SPORE

Well, as you guys know, I like to torrent. Alot. So a few days ago, I torrented SPORE, becuase I don't want to pay for things lol.

Call me crazy, but I despise all RTS's and RPG's. They are terrible in my opinion. SPORE is a notable exception. Now, I would go on explaining the game, but all I'm going to say is that it's a game based on evolution. You started with a low-celled organism and make your way up. The cellular stage is very basic. I started off as a carnivore, so I would have to attack predators which was fun.

When you kill predators, you can eat them and sometimes, you inherit their traits. Such as poison, horns, etc. You then build offspring with these traits. I found the cell stage to be incredibly unique and a shitload of fun.

Finally, you get on land and sprout legs. Here, the character design becomes more in depth. Now, you can choose to make friends, or attack other species. I started out by making friends to collect DNA points to buy weapon stuff, then I attacked my heart out. This stage was a lot of fun but only after I evolved a better brain to be able to have a group travel with me. Then we would flock together and pwn everyone.

Now, you can evolve even further to the tribal stage. Here, you make friends with fellow tribes, or kill them. You also hunt and make offspring. I'm not crazy about the tribal stage, because it's very RTSy. You play a god figure and move the tribe about.

I haven't been playing much, but I can already tell you that SPORE is a fantastic game. I hope you all check it out.


And Also, I'll have a review on Boba's EP tomorrow. I was going to have it today but I got caught up in some stuff. Also, another third party article for tomorrow.

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