Thursday 25 September 2008

Songs To Walk To (Part Two)

Sorry for the delay, I was really busy yesterday.

Today I was going over some of my articles and realized, I have never posted a SebastiAn track before. How the hell is this possible? He defines the type of electro I like to listen to. Blaring bass, noisy snares, and high-ass riffs.

Anyway, today is a song to walk to if you truly want to be badass. I'm talkin leather fast, gigantic belt buckle, tight pants, pink and black shoes...the works. Also, this song is AMAZING for running to make sure to slap it on your iPod if you haven't already.

So here it is, the greatest song Ed Rec Vol 1 has to offer, by an artist whose name iTunes simply cannot spell correctly. The capital A makes all the difference.

Why hasn't anyone voted on my poll lately?

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