Saturday 27 September 2008

Songs To Walk To (Part Four)

Part Four is here!!!

This song to walk to also comes from Justice, I tried hard to find other artists, but Justice really owns this category. Don't message me saying you've heard this song before, I'm sure alot of you. My themes aren't necessarily to discover new music, but to discuss music.

Suprisingly, I've used this song in a project to get an epic walking sequence. Don't be surprised if it plays in your head as you walk.

Oh and a note, skip to around 0:40, the opening riff is....weird. Again, don't message me saying it's too popular, alot of my viewers are noobs and haven't heard this stuff before. But the song is Genesis and it the first track on Justice's first studio album Cross (†).

Check back tomorrow for the finale!
Jordan PS - I've been getting a substantial amount of unique viewers today, so props to you guys who have been advertising my blog :-).

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