Saturday 13 September 2008

Para One Ruins Every Song

That is a complete lie. He makes every song fantastic.

For instance, Prime Time Of Your Life is amazing, the Para One Remix is more amazing. And that's just one example. To give you proof on how amazing Para One is, and to share with you an amazing song, I'm going to upload another track today. The track is that of everyone's favorite Electro-wtf artists MSTRKRFT. This one's pretty intense and may bleed the ears of the week and/or pregnant, so take precautions.

Props to you if you can tell me what commercial this song is featured in.

I might save the viewer stuff for tomorrow :-/,


Anonymous said...

you have to upload turtle trouble and the mstrkrft remix of dudun dun

Anonymous said...

and you need to get around to running my other article/s :p

great song tho, never heard it before.

Anonymous said...

this is featured in the motorola rocker commercial