Friday 12 September 2008

My Viewers Pwn Your Viewers

Well I promised Boba I'd do this. So here it goes...

You guys may've seen a picture of Boba's EP Lime, and I have talked briefly about it. But today I'm going to write a review on the 4 tracks on his EP!

For you HTML junkies, I'm kidding. Not that I wouldn't wanna rip on Boba, but I can't. This EP is phenomenal. So here's my review, track by track.

Lime perfectly captures all that is good in filtered disco-y house. It has a repitive, catchy funk riff playing in the background, with the occasional turn that is even funkier. The song keeps it going smooth all the way through, with no down time. Unlike most house tracks, this one has the perfect balance of flare and repetitiveness. It's over 5 minutes long but you have to hit play again once it's over. 

Soul Bells Cover
This track is a modification on the Le Knight Club track we all adore, Soul Bells. The beat in this track sounds sharper and the brass even funkier. Boba's cover really brings out everything we love about Soul Bells and feeds them to you. The funk, the disco, the catchy turns, everything. This track is great.

Coffee And A Monte Christo
This was not my favorite track on the EP. It was a little too slow-moving for my taste, but it's still great. The noisy turns add a great effect. Also, the song incorporates some "micro" drum beats that sound great and add a nice crispness to the track.

Love Your Machine
This song really caught my attention in the intro. It's a constant build up and then begins the boom a funky pattern. I would compare the template to this track to that on Daft Punk's Phoenix. The song constantly changes and each part is truly fantastic. To be honest, 1:40 really got me going. The turn after a slow build up makes the pattern even more enjoyable. This was easily my favorite track on the EP.

All in all, some fantastic house was made on this EP. It sounds 100% legit and professional, and I hope you guys take a listen to it. The link to it can be found on the sidebar. 

I'll have a track or two tomorrow,


Anonymous said...

Awww, schucks. :)
I was unable to sidechain, which is a trait of almost every french house track out there... so maybe 100% was a stretch :p

Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

yo great job boba, i was lovin the tracks

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot :)

heads up, previews from upcoming releases are available on my myspace.

James Masco said...

schweet tracks and i love the album art, great job overall boba