Tuesday 2 September 2008

That Blinky Thing

Alot of you have been wondering, why does that blinking comment gif sync perfectly with the music?! So let me tell you the history of that special blinking gif.

When the site first started, I wanted people to comment, and no one would. So to assist, I made a giant blinking COMMENT sign and when you click on it, it will redirect you to the comments page of the most recent article.

As for the syncing aspect, most of the music I post is house, French House. French House usually has a tempo of around 120-128 BPM, because this is the rate at which the normal human steps, or dances. The gif, however, blinks at 120 BPM. So for some songs it's right on, while for others, it's slightly off.

Hope that answers your questions,

1 comment:

Champiness said...

I never noticed that the GIF synced until you explained exactly why that was. :P