Monday 2 December 2013

10°C And Falling

Andreas Nilsson - Kebnekaise

Another chill sesh to match the chill weather as I settle on down into work mode. First things first is a lil' something from my trance days, if there's one thing they did right it was the chillout aspect for those substance induced comedowns. Actually, I'd hesitate to label this one trance cos it doesn't actually get a beat going, its more like an ambient mix of the original really.

Speaking of, here's the deepest cut from the Golden Boy LP that unlike the last few I've posted actually features some vocal contributions from Kittin, though she disappears soon after. It's a little long for my taste most of the time, (especially given that 3 minutes of it is fading out) but sometimes its just right.

Flexible producers Blu Mar Ten broke their usual Drum & Bass mould in 2003 to release The Six Million Names Of God, a weird coming together of ambient, house and downtempo vibes. It's pretty solid, the ambient pieces are just stellar and the more upbeat parts give me a vibe not too dissimilar from Moby's Play from 1999. Give it a listen if you find it, the opening track is lovely.

- Claude Van Foxbat

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