Thursday 19 December 2013

For all you dreamers

Today I want you to meet a couple of great aspiring music producers bringing new audio experiences to a present electronic music world. First man I want you to know is a great Portuguese producer Sun Glitters aka Victor Ferreira, playing sounds from a Sun City for three years now. My first musical experience of Ferreira’s work was his beautiful dreamy mix tape How To Be Dressed in blue, which became a soundtrack of my summer in 2012.

You can hear these romantic memories from warm summer evenings here:

Soft lights, gentle whispers, shy gazes and romantic glitchy dreams emerge in unique Sun Glitters music.

The reason I started my post with Victor’s work is this brilliant new recent discovery his music led me to. Fresh and promising band from France, called MWTE collaborated with Victor Ferreira and released an amazing first EP Attraction to light.

Attraction to Light brings sleepy vocals, gentle transparent bass waves blending with melancholic synth moments and violin whispers.
As MWTE says, their music is about everything starting from small everyday emotional realizations to deep apocalyptical thoughts.
They represent their track Dead and gone as some kind of modern day Dicken's "The ghost of the apocalypse yet to come", where people wake up in post-apocalyptical era, look back and regret when it’s already too late.

Each of the tracks in this EP has a strong emotional narrative and brings an outstanding musical experience. The listener will be taken to new ambient worlds where everything is painted in light pastel colours and buried in transparent fog.

This EP also includes beautiful remixes by Sun Glitters, Chapelier Fou and Armagnac.

This is a perfect sound for a Sunday afternoon, late evening or anytime when in love.

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Love the atmospheric vibe