Saturday 7 December 2013

Return Of The Lounge

Edward Hopper - Hotel Lobby

Diggin' through my old posts on a nostalgia trip I saw some stuff I could easy bring back around, so enjoy the return of some lounge vibes! I got around to checking out Little Dragon after a recommendation from a friend and loving their contributions on Gorillaz's Plastic Beach. Their debut starts really strong, tunes like this just grab you from the get go.

Tea swiggin' bloke and fellow countryman Mr. Scruff has pretty much the same story with his album Keep It Unreal. His penchant for tidy basslines really shines through on the album, which fits in perfectly with the jazz-hop style he's got going on.

Something from one of my favourite vocalists to wrap it up, I first heard of Martina from the breakdown on Gorillaz's All Alone and just had to have more of her stuff. Check out her solo albums if you get the chance, they're incredibly well prdued but seem to be really underrated.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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