Wednesday 18 December 2013

Get Excited

I'm quite excited. The Glitch Mob recently announced the completion of their new album, titled Love Death Immortality, set to drop in early February. Tycho also announced his new album, Awake, the other day. He also released the title track.

I got the opportunity to see Tycho live last year, and was also lucky enough to wait around for the live trio to come back on stage after a 3 minute encore chant. They played an unreleased track, without any visual accompaniment, something the entire live show uses. Since I heard them play it last year, I've been eagerly waiting for the new album. The title track from Awake really grabbed me at first, mainly because of the emphasis on the guitar, and away from those sweet synth lines. However, the synths quickly make a return, and so does the iconic Tycho sound. It doesn't sound particularly new or different, but I still quite like it. It retains that strange energetic serenity.

With my pre-order, The Glitch Mob were kind enough to offer up one track, Can't Kill Us.The whole track just throws energy at your ears, like an audio interpretation of dedication and adrenaline. These guys are really quite dedicated too. I've been following original member of The Glitch Mob, edIT, since I first heard his solo album from 2004. Among the extreme amounts of fan teasing these guys have put out the last month or so, edIT recently showed us just how dedicated these guys are.

"Man....... I have been staring at my computer screen for the past three years (every day) cranking on this Glitch Mob record. And as I sit here cranking on our live show it is such a surreal feeling to see a small slice of this album get wings and take off into the internet. Three years seems like a lifetime at this day in age to release an album..... And it is. But you guys deserve the absolutebest that we're capable of, and there were so many moments on this journey where I knew we could do better. I dropped everything and went all in for three years to work on this project, so thank you all for being so patient. We did this for you. I hope it was worth the wait. Can't wait to be on the ride with you all next year. Much love.


It really was worth the wait.

While on the topic of edIT's solo work, here's a taste from his 2004 release Crying Over Pros For No Reason. I'm quite sure edIT is now the pro. When I first heard this guys work, I was just inspired and amazed. I found this track absolutely amazing when I first heard it, and I'm still amazed whenever I hear it. Soothing guitar, silky vocal bends, clicks and claps, and a beat that never gives up the tempo no matter how crushed.

2014 is set to be an exciting year.


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