Thursday 5 December 2013

Ilictronix: wingman edition part 2

Hey everyone, Adam here acting as your holiday wingman with the goal of getting you all something extra for the holidays.  So grab that mistletoe, get someone drunk on eggnog and get busy with these tracks.

Let's just start it real filthy with a track from the new R. Kelly album Black Panties. No introduction is necessary for the Pied Piper as his discography speaks for itself. This album could be his sexiest one yet with tracks like; Marry The Pussy, and Show Ya Pussy. The intro song Legs Shaking features Ludacris who delivers a verse that calls back to his own track, Fantasy. Black Panties is out December 10th. Should be used by people who posses extreme game. 

Next up we have Swedish producer Markus Enochson with the track "Love Is On The Way". It's a great blend of Swedish pop and American r&b. The vocals feel like sweet nothings are being whispered into your ear. A panty dropper for sure. 

For all you indie couples who don't want to throw it down but make tender love, here's something just for you from Incan Abraham. A warm track for couples who "love each others souls".  It still sets the mood and gets the job done with a romantic deserted island vibe.

Since this is the holiday wingman guide, the XX's cover of Last Christmas is next. I swear everything this group touches turns into the ghost of sexy time past, and this cover is no exception. Probably the most in your face Jamie XX has ever produced but it's still a sultry take on a cheesy song. Its a great tune to play when you're double dipping with your previous fling.

If all else fails there's Mannheim Steamrollers God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman. It's old school, but for generations people have been getting "comfort and joy" during the holidays to this Christmas album and you should too. Heck turn it into a Christmas tradition, I know I have!  

Remember wrap your candy canes with a stocking and happy holidays!


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