Thursday 5 December 2013

Summer Vibes

For those of us not in the northern hemisphere, summer is her. So avoiding all of the crispy-ice tunes, here's my personal soundtrack to summer. I like to spend my summers relaxing and being around those that one would wish to be around with such amazing weather.

That Summer Feeling

First up, some sparkly build up from Van She. I'll admit, I liked the original Walking On A Dream by Empire of The Sun, but I also hated to like it. Van She's whole remix is a build up covered in sunscreen wearing some high fashion shades and swimwear with tropical prints. It just works.

Next is some amazing chunky goodness from Pretty Lights. His first album, A Colour Map of The Sun dropped in early July, and I love it. Combining what can only be described as 'phat' electro lines with pseudo-sampled soul, Pretty Lights has created something beautiful. This track is a clear winner in my book, and just fills me with excitement for summer days.

Seemingly minimalist compared to Yellow Bird, Montreal based CFCF's remix of HEALTH's Good Tigers still slots perfectly into the summer vibes playlist. With an almost reggae base to it, smooth as silk vocal work and a beat that doesn't overpower the delicate nature, CFCF perfects the summer sound with little soundscape.

Released July last year, Purity Ring's debut album Shrines was a modest success, and sat in the U.K polls at #100. A strange mix of hip hop inspired beats, electronic dance anthems and indie, Purity Ring have sparked my interest. I'm rather excited to hear what their next album brings. Until then, Fineshrine is my choice track for the Canadian electro duo, and for beach activities.

My initial plan was to post the entire list, but it just keeps growing. So I'll make this the last one for now. In 2011, the Chemical Brothers crafted the soundtrack to Hanna, a movie that seems to have gone by largely unnoticed. While the movie is a possible 4 stars for me, the soundtrack holds some quality gems, gems that sparkle in the sun.

Slip Slop Slap,

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Unknown said...

Health is playing at the Echo on the 22, 23, and 24th. Here's their song, "New Coke"