Monday 3 March 2014

Days Of Yoof

Got talking to Adam about albums that you don't hear about and are real underrated. In doing so I dug out my music circa 2003 and found a ton of chillout records that I dug when I was an early teen. But then I went a lil' deeper, got on that old school garage vibe again and picked out some tunes I've been jamming to for nigh on 15 years or so. Tunes after the pic as usual!

The Designer's Republic - Designs for Wipeout 3 (PSX)

First is what probably still stands today as garage's finest example, it's not even by someone from the UK and we invented it! Armand Van Helden's remix of the Sneaker Pimps' Spin Spin Sugar is just well done through and through. That bassline is still sick to this day, though I'm used to it mixing into other tunes like Double 99's RIP Groove which always throws me off a bit.

And of course the album everyone had a copy of those days (even my dad), Moby's Play. The follow up 18 is arguably better, but the slew of singles from this one and the licensing of pretty much every track on there means it's here to stay. Not that that's a bad thing mind, the tunes are all pretty good for the most part, not like anyone's not heard them at this point anyway.

I'll be honest, mid to late 90's trance is a real guilty pleasure of mine, chalk it up to a trip to Ibiza when I was younger when it was at the height of popularity. Ripped from one of the few CDs from my old collection to survive those years, enjoy this audio time capsule back to the pre-millennium: ATB remixed by Sigum.



Nite said...

Not gonna lie, Play is a great album to have. One of my faves from him. Also, his new album is pretty good as well. Not as great as Play or Everything is Wrong, but still excellent.

Claude Van Foxbat said...

truth, I do need to catch up with Moby's stuff these days. I'm waaaay behind on a lot of releases