Monday 31 March 2014

Mum's The Word

Spur of the moment post, but yesterday it was Mother's Day here in the UK, so don't get all worried that you haven't got her a gift or anything if you're in the US or elsewhere! I have a bunch of relevant tunes, but here's three that really shine.

Ivan Shishkin - Rain In An Oak Forest (1891)

Funkateers Chromeo were pretty much a given on this list. This tune was long a favourite from Fancy Footwork and I used to use it to intro people to Chromeo cos I think it shows off what they do really well in a pretty short timeframe.

I remember the Bloody Beetroots from back in my bloghopping days when I was listening to more electro than was probably healthy. Whoda thought that their first album would actually have some pretty sweet non-dancefloor stuff on it, including this one that's got more than a tint of Justice's Valentine to it...

And finally, tune I've held off posting for a while cos it's actually massive. Like Timeless, Goldie's sophomore LP Saturnz Return is opened with Mother, an hour long epic that goes from classical to drum & bass and back again. It takes up almost all the first CD of the album and my 320 rip is a whopping 138 MB, To save on bandwidth have this resampled to 192kbps version.

-Claude Van Foxbat


Nite said...

Fucking Goldie man. Despite its mixed reviews, Mother was one of my faves from him. Of course, nothing beats Timeless. That's his best track imo.

Claude Van Foxbat said...

No doubt Timeless is probably his best work, it's just so well focused and produced throughout.

As for Saturnz, it was a worthy follow up to Timeless IMO, it was like the Massive Attack situation where the album was so well received that anything he did would be panned.