Monday 17 March 2014

Return Of The Shuffle Post

As I used to say s long ago, sometimes shuffle just gets it right you know? Case in point: I've been slaving over this awful presentation I have to do, and keeping me sane was a frankly brilliant selection of mellow tunes courtesy of random chance, check some of my favourites out below.

Robert Del Naja - Peace At Last (Fire Sale Edition print, 2013)

Felix's last album got a pretty mixed reception but did it ever shine in parts. The closer gives me vibes like the opener to Virgo Blaktro & The Moviedisco did, with a little bit of Analog City from Kittenz & Thee Glitz. I think it closes the LP beautifully.

Another visit from my hometown hero NOW now, with something a little older I can't believe I've not posted before. Finer is one of the few tracks with vocals on Carboot Soul but that just makes it sweeter. Guest Sarah Winton really shines here, I should really look into her stuff one of these days.

And finally, UNKLE breaking their usual trip hop sound on their debut LP with a downtempo instrumental piece that actually isn't vary chaotic at all and brings the album around to it's finishing couple tracks. Like the Alpinestars' Partisan Song, there's nothing else on the LP that sounds quite like it but it's a solid addition to an already quality album.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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Adam said...

Oh god MSTRKRFT takes me back to the days when vowels were just so uncool.