Thursday 6 March 2014

Render Unto Video

Poor PC's had it's work cut out for it today, rendered a whole bunch of video and had to chuck out most of it and start again. Not all bad mind, while I'm waiting I go off for a brew and let the tunes ring out, here's some I'm feeling today.

Victor Rodriguez - 15 Eyes (2013)

An old one from Stenchman here from around 2010, even so I only got around to picking up the (free!) album its on last year. Really long too, clocking in at just shy of 8 minutes. The Stench keeps it interesting though, that sample that gives the track it's name is tactically scattered throughout.

Classic Calyx here with a tune from the Catapult EP, that tune might be the highlight but every time this one comes up I fall in love with that intro all over again. Moving Shadow's reputation was well deserved when they were dropping tunes like this on a regular basis, and offering mix CDs at your local record shop for 99p was a masterful move.

And finally what may soon become my favourite remix of Blame. Posted the Grooverider mix not too long ago and soon after debated whether I should have posted this one instead, like Decompression that intro is pretty special and is a prime example of late 90's/early 00's drum & bass.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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