Wednesday 5 March 2014

Desert Island Tracks: Nite

Hey guys, Nite here. Sorry for the late post, I had to do a really asinine mid-term that ended up taking hours upon hours to finish. Anywho, I noticed that Claude posted a challenge about being stranded on a Desert Island, and you could only bring one CD's worth of Music with you. Given that I listen to a lot of different artists, this was actually pretty challenging narrowing it down to 70 minutes worth of music. Still, I think I put together a good list, but I'll let you be the judge of that. So, without further ado, I introduce to you my personal desert island playlist!

Update: Grooveshark is long dead, thankfully Nite walked us through each of their track choices, so while the playlist is dead you can still look up these tracks individually if you would like. Apologies for the inconvenience. -CVF.

 Desert Island Playlist by Nite on Grooveshark

1. Planet Funk - Ora il Mundo e Perfetto
This track is just italian electronic perfection. The tune itself is pretty chill, adding nice, relaxed synths on top of a soft beat, coupled with italian lyrics by Giuliano Sangiorgi. Definitely one of my favorite tracks from Planet Funk for sure.

 2. Le Knight Club - Palm Beat
Ah yes, Le Knight Club. Anyone who knows their Daft Punk history would know of Guy-Man's side project with Eric Chedville. Le Knight Club has had such a profound impact on my musical tastes, it would be downright wrong of me not to include them on my list. This track always helped me groove out whenever I needed something to lighten the mood.

 3. Active Child feat. Mikky Ekko - Subtle
 Active Child is a wonderful synthesized electronic group I discovered back in 2011, when Adult Swim was just beginning to do the Summer Singles Program. I listened to their track, Hanging On, and immediately got addicted to it. The rest,as they say, is history. Anywho, they recently released an EP within the last few months, and this track managed to shine out above all of the rest (not that the others were bad whatsoever). Definitely worth a listen for sure.

 4. Frou Frou- Let Go (Mt. Eden Remix)
Now I'm sure most people here know Frou Frou. The original Let Go track is absolutely beautiful and one of my personal favorite tracks from them. This Remix from Mt. Eden, however, absolutely blew my mind out of the water. Yes, it is a bit dubsteppy, but not really like the warbled junk you'd expect from Skrillex. It simply takes the original track, and vamps it up with rough electronic vibes and drum beats, making it amazing to play on the dance floor.  

5. Roosevelt - Around You
This track has a wonderfully faded feel to it that is reminiscent of Washed Out. It's laidback,yet groovy. If you like Washed Out, you'll love this.  

6. Starlit Everglades - Taiko Lover
Man this track is just... I can't really describe it in any other way than "ethereally beautiful". It's the kind of track I like to listen to at Night, when I can look up and see the stars. I don't say this often, but this track is utterly gorgeous. This is easily one of the best tracks I've listened to in a very long time.  

7. Cassius- How Do You See Me Now? (Le Knight Club Remix)
Again with the Le Knight Club stuff, I know. This track, however, is just downright funky. Fun fact: This track was put on the Japanese version of Waves II as a separate, unmixed tune. Why do Japanese releases get all the good stuff? Grr...

 8. Modjo- On Fire (Modjo's DYRT Edit)
It's Modjo. Not only that, it's a great Modjo track that was remixed by Modjo themselves. Do I need to say any more?

9. The Wings- Invisible (Floating Points Remix)
While I find the opening of this track to be a bit awkward, this tune as whole is absolutely wonderful. I discovered this gem on Bonobo's Late Night Tales album, and just fell in love with it immediately. One of the better downtempo tracks out there for sure.

10. DJ Koze- Amygdala (feat. Milosh)
Dj Koze has always been on and off for me. Some of his tracks I really like, whilst some of them are just...meh. This one, however, definitely clicked with me. The eerieness of the vocals and the track itself somehow had a rather beautifully chill tone to it.  I think I've listened to this track around 200 times now, it's that good.
11. Boards of Canada - New Seeds
 Not gonna lie, I fucking LOVE BoC. They're absolutely brilliant, and I'm still kicking myself for not discovering them and Royksopp before last year.  It should come to no surprise then, that I have a BoC track on here. To me, this was their best track off their latest album, which is definitely worth a listen if you haven't heard it already.

12. H-Foundation - Slayin' the Dragon (Klartraum Remix)
Gotta thank Soma's 20 years compilation release for this one, otherwise I'd never would have listened to this piece of chill techno bliss. clocking in at an impressive 11 and a half minutes, it's obviously the longest track I have on the list, and also the last. This tune takes you on a journey of sounds, and makes you want for more when it's all done. I felt that this would be a great way to end the little list I had going.

Overall, this list hits around 69 minutes, so you can totally burn it on a CD and have it on you, should you ever get stuck on an island and whatnot.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the selection I put up here. I'd love to hear your input!



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