Thursday 27 March 2014

I'm seeing Other People.

Like most of you I've grown to love certain imprints over the years. Brainfeeder, Boys Noize records, Ed Banger and Mouseville are some notable examples. One of my favorite new labels though is "Other People", born from the ashes of Clown & Sunset, this is one source you need to keep on your radar. Started by Nicolas Jaar this white hot label is more of a subscription label right now. For $5 a month every Sunday they drop some of the freshest tracks around. Yes there are some notable full lengths like Darksides's Psychic and some samplers but track for track this is the best thing out right now (in my opinion obviously). Let's take a look why and learn about the heavy hitters of the label....

Nicolas Jaar: One of my favorite producers of all time, this guy can really do no wrong. From his stellar set from Sonar Festival in 12' to his groundbreaking Essential mix, everything he touches turns to gold. It's his brainchild so most of the artists on this label follow in his slow-burning, Spanish infused, micro house footsteps.  

Valentin Stip: Aside from Jaar, French artist Valentin Stip has but out a great deal of the releases from Clown & Sunset. His Angst EP was one of my favorites from last year warrants your time. 

Acid Pauli: Acid Pauli got his big break when he dropped the track "A Clone Is A Clone" which sounds as great as something Jaar would have released. Nico returned the favor and unleashed Pauli's track "La Voz Tan Tierna" on the world during his Essential Mix on Radio one. Unlike most of the Artists on the Other People imprint Pauli has a full length out now. 

Vtgnike: Pronounced Vinage Nike, this Russian producer is almost the black sheep of the Other People Family. Left field Juke music is his speciality and he really has nothing out right now. His first track "Untitled Juke" was released in the Don't Break My Love sampler and was the strongest out of the album. His drops April 2nd but it's available to stream now and it lives up to the hype. 

Darkside: Ooooooh man Darkside.....Nicolas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington make, mind bending, psychedelic rock/house fusion, I don't think I need to say anything about this group or their EP Psychic other than if you haven't heard it yet stop whatever your doing and dive in. 

90% of Other People and Clown & Sunset releases are free to stream on soundcloud so go dig deeper and get hooked, this really is the bees knees people.


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THE GILDER said...

Nice Stuff. Thanks for introducing me to Nicolas Jaar, especially the track "Love You Gotta Lose Again". Great fusion of genres.