Monday 24 March 2014

Surfing On Sine Waves

Been meaning to get myself round to pickin up audiosurf for a while now, its a game right up my alley and luck would just have it that I scooped it for peanuts thanks to the Humble Bundle crew. It's been a real treat for the eyes and ears, here's what I used for my first few sessions.

Purely from an alphabetic standpoint AFX went first (and also is the namesake of this post). This suitably acidic number is pretty easy going for the most part until it drops those sequenced claps every now and then which properly ups the intensity.

Keeping it alphabetical, another relic of my early 2000s listening history with a remix of A:xus' When I Fall In Love. Like AFX it was pretty easy going for the most part thanks to it being Deep House and all, but it was an excellent showcase of the visuals, and I gave the tune it's first proper listen in about 3 years (which I'm in love with all over again).

Another appearance from the Salt City Orchestra folk. Might not be as much of an instant classic as their remix of Marshall Jefferson's Mushrooms I posted a while back, but it sure is a funky spin on the moody musings of the Sneaker Pimps. There's some good basslines in here, the mix certainly lives up to its name.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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