Saturday 22 March 2014

Eyes and Ears on: Jaques Greene

Canadian Jaques Greene graced Chicago with his presence last night, and destroyed Primary Nightclub. Even though Greene is with the famous Lucky Me collective my expectations were pretty low. With only a couple of strong singles and a brief EP I had no idea what type of music he would spin.  

One of the grandfathers of the Chicago footwork scene Dj Traxman opened up and schooled everyone on the history of the scene while throwing in great juke house and acid tracks.  

Greene was next up and played a little of everything from Clams Casino to A$AP Fergs work remix and great future garage tracks in between. 

I even got to meet the guy! 

All in all it was a great set and I'll be following this name as it becomes bigger and bigger. If your a fan of SBTRKT then you'll absolutely fall in love. 

Check out the soundcloud here:

And Traxman:

DISCLAIMER: I would have more to report back but I was pretty sloshed for this one. 


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