Tuesday 27 May 2014

Eclecticism #1

I enjoy musical diversity. I feel it broadens my thoughts, and helps with the whole emotion thing. I don't know if it's just me, but sadness and dub step don't mix, neither does feeling energetic and listening to Tycho. So here's a bunch of random tracks, with no matching mood. You'll find a track in here to suit how you're feeling, hopefully.

Positively relaxed? Emancipator is easily one of my favourite artists to listen to when I feel relaxed. This is a little upbeat, kind of makes me turn a good mood into good actions. Particularly nice for cleaning, or dancing, or doing both at the same time. Productive and positive.
The whole jumpy bass vibe really rings through, giving a bouncy/dance feel to the track. The mechanised snaps add a slight krump element, but those melodies soar so smoothly and softly over everything else, resolving all bounce into a flowing bouncing track that's bound to incur some sort of positive movement. It's like someone putting a bouncy ball in a jumping castle. It's bouncy, but it flies through the air with grace and fluidity.

Sadly relaxed, or maybe sleepy and a hint of sad? This is the one for you.
Again, really really quite relaxed. However, fitting into the Hearts A Mess theme, this is a melancholy  mix. The bass hit deeps and not entirely sinus - the first sign that this is not a particularly soothing tune. The pads sweep slowly behind the haunting, and slightly distorted, samples of the original. The hats and other percussions echo this haunting, collecting themselves over time, like scattered thoughts. 

Friday Night? This is a winner for those of who who feel like it's a friday night, and time to go do something not entirely relaxing or sad. Girltalk is an absolutely amazing artist, no doubt. Personally I feel like he put's too much into the beat most of the time. I don't get that feeling in this track. Keeping it to a simple 1234, samples abound. Tempo perfect for exciting times, energy of all the samples, even one from The Prodigy.

Peaceful and happy? Can't go past clams. Beautifully distorted, soothing vocal samples with bass too match. This for me is a life moment type of track. A track that would fit perfectly into a moment of achievement or clarity.

Wall punching amounts of anger/sadness? Let it out man, and let it out to this. I first found Crystal Castles when I was a mere 14 year old watching the first season of Skins. After seeing the episode that contains this song, my brain automatically relates it to sadness and immense anger. Also related to remembering that people are actually there for you.
Sonically, this tune got me away from nu-metal, and started my entire electronic music expansion. The sheer emotion of it. I always imagined electronic music to be 'blip blip blip blop I'm a robot who's cold and has not heart'; but this changed my life in so many ways. I can only hope that affect is paid forward.

I'll leave this up to you guys. I personally listen to this if I'm in a weird mood. It doesn't help at all. The MV for this is equally weird, but somewhat amazing.


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