Sunday 11 May 2014

Smooth On Sunday

Alright, gonna list you some of my techy listenin's of today. Been more boring laying out work for a PDF so here's whats been keeping me sane, tracks after the suitably techy art!

Pascal Dombis - Post-Digital Blue (2013)

I really need to get more Plaid in my collection. Double Figure is a fine place to start, it's pretty consistent with their sound but it's also a bit long if you're looking to just dive in. This one's a good example, not quite the full on playful electronica of Plone but not the subtle menace of say Aphex Twin despite the name.

This album has been at the top of all my media players for about 2 years now, and I can still never tire of it. This one perhaps isn't the best example of the smooth sounds Mike weaves into his tracks, but I've posted some of those before. Still, even saying that the beat salad works really well with those lush synths after the mid-point.

And finally, the square man himself. Not talked too much about the album this is from (his debut on Warp!) but it stands on its own in terms of quality. Here 'Pusher mixes his then current 'Drill 'n Bass' style with just a hint of Jazz influence. The opening couple of tracks on this LP are nigh perfect, but in true Jazz fashion, here's something a little longer for you. Stay tuned 'cos things get beautiful around 3:40.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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mattx said...

Squarepusher def my best, I think the Charlie Brown soundtracks by Vince Guaraldi Trio; as a child just got me into the whole jazz stuff