Friday 9 May 2014

Lazy Days

Preparing for the end of my second year at University, still pretty chilled cos I don't have to commute into town every day these days. As such I wasn't feeling my usual electronic modus operandi so instead scratched my hip hop itch again.

Edward Hopper - Sunlight In A Cafeteria

Starting with more Pretty Lights. Most of this album errs more on the upbeat side of things but this one right here strikes a nice balance between the two, I could pretty much listen to this all day, that vocal sample is just brilliantly selected.

A bit of a rarity, the one and only EP by Walking Endustries is very elusive with only 500 copies floating about (and no rips on the net). It's a real shame because from what little I've heard it's absolutely gorgeous. Luckily Miss Kittin has one of those 500 and included it on her compilation Radio Caroline Vol. 1.

And sending us off, homegrown talent The Deadbeats with the final tune from their second LP Made In The Shade. Honestly a prefect ending, it fully encapsulates the vibe the 'Beats lay down and is deliciously smooth. Get yourself lost in this one, because it's almost over too soon.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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