Thursday 15 May 2014


You mighta guessed from the title, this one's all about moody tunes. Doesn't really work too well now summer's in swing but hey ho, here's what I'm jamming to these nights.

Miwa Ogasawara - Sorge 1 (2011)

Funnily enough this all started cos I was on a garage kick, put google music on shuffle for my old Garage tunes and then ended up with everybody's favourite dub/future garage fiend Burial. I know I've said he's hit and miss in the past but I'll say it once again; when he hits he really hits. Not many atmospheres like this out there.

Finisher to Modeselektor's second LP kinda fits this bag. I'd argue This from Monkeytown fits better but I'm pretty sure I posted it. Thom Yorke joins the Selektors for some pretty typically moody musings over the track. As much as I don't really dig Radiohead I gotta admit whenever he guests on stuff I got in my collection it doesn't dissapoint.

And lastly another bit of excellent trip hop courtesy of Tricky. Tracks like this is why Martina Topley-Bird became one of my favourite vocalists out there, her and the instrumental sound almost in sync. Not to knock Tricky himself and his spoken-word style delivery though, he compliments the hazy vibe excellently too.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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