Tuesday 27 May 2014

Ilictromix: Loftmind

Happy Holiday weekend everyone*! (Americans) very special mix today for those coming down from an extended weekend. This weeks Ilictromix is a video mix and it comes from producer/artist Loftmind.

A 20 year old resident of Newport Whales, Joel Sinclair makes some pretty breathtaking tracks. If your a fan of James Blake or Jamie XX this will be up your alley. I fell in love with his INTP EP and am super excited when he agreed to whip something up for this feature. Obviously I had to ask him a question or two as soon as I saw/heard the mix. 

Ilictronix: So huge fan! What albums are you stuck on right now?
L: Currently my go-to albums are 'Knife Play' by Xiu Xiu, Akkord's eponymous debut, Actress' 'Ghettoville' is getting smashed pretty hard, Sleaford Mods' latest is pretty great. Let's just take a second to bask in the glow of SD Laika's debut too, mmm all those warm eski synths. I just realised that I haven't mentioned Millie and Andrea's 'Drop The Vowels', amazing piece of work.

I: How long have you been producing for?
L: I've been producing for about 5 or 6 years now. I kinda had a head start on it when I was a kid, although those tunes were pretty much just drum loops on drum loops on drum loops.

I: So how do you stay motivated and find inspiration for the moody tracks that you are able to come up with?
L: To create work, I manipulate existing frameworks of genre to describe an environment, scenario or object. I am very interested in the fusion of disparate codes, finding a half-way point between 12 tone serialism and jersey kick patterns, lifting grime freestyles for restretching into a dark ambient context. I am also very concerned with the notion of deconstructivism in music, how little can I use to make a reference, how can I manipulate and distort a framework or set of ideas about a genre to communicate my understanding?

I: What or who would you say your biggest influces are then?
L: As far as influences are concerned, I hope my music lands somewhere between Jam City, Beneath, Acre, Mumdance. There are definitely some Hessle vibes in there and some residual dubstep tendencies

Peter Chamerlain - Bedtime Stories For The Innocent
Holly Herndon - Chorus
Actress - Ours
Loftmind - Elevium B
Oneohtrix Point Never - Boring Angel
Arca - Trauma
Loftmind - Inseries-Dizzeeintherhizome
L-Vis 1990 - Ballad 4D
Loftmind - Chalice

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