Monday 26 May 2014

Technolg (ae)

I got around to sorting out June's monthly playlist yesterday and I think it's gonna be pretty neat. Anyways, while perusing for tunes to fill it with I got a real hankering for techy stuff and returned to some old favorites I have kicking around.

Auteche first with their unique brand of Industrial meets IDM that sounds more like a machine made it than a couple of blokes from Manchester. The Anvil Vapre EP is a good jumping in point if you're new to them, it blends the melodic and experimental sides of their sound quite well, and still sounds pretty fresh nearly 20 years later.

I wish they'd stuck to this model for a while longer, I mean their style consistently changed for each of their first three albums but after that it begins to move away from the melodic. Which is a shame because I always loved that about Autechre, it was machine music with a touch of soul. Anyway have another track from the EP which harks a little bit back to the roots of Amber and Incunabula.

On the opposite end we have AFX with the Analord series. Richard's triumphant return to the world of analogue is full of highlights but playing these two back to back has made me realise that unlike Autechre's very deliberate and sterile sound, all the Analords sound much more warm and human, with a bit of a DIY edge to them. Especially on this one as the title probably clued you in on.

The same applies here, even the name itself sounds like it was something that AFX whacked together in about an hour or so, which given Rich's methodology on the Richard D James Album woudln't be too surprising. Still the track is pretty gorgeous, a real testament to the man and his skills with the gear for sure. Check the Analord series out for more acid tinged meddling, Rephlex put out an expanded digital release of the entire series a while back with some bonus goodies.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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WD said...

Super wicked to someone sharing Autechre. I have a request to post 'Cichli' and/or 'Tewe' from their 1997 release, "Chiastic Slide" Danke.