Monday 19 May 2014

Slightly Less Moody

Hey all, decided it was a pretty bad move to leave the proper atmospheric tracks on the front page so long, so here's some slightly lighter tunes.

Miwa Ogasawara - In Licht (2013)

Röyksopp's one and only Live EP is pretty special. The normally bittersweet Sparks gets beautifully transformed into a whole different beast after a suitably downbeat intro. Anneli Drecker reprises her role on the track in top form, a real far cry from her fuzzy musings on the album version.

Grandaddies of electronic Kraftwerk were making very moody tunes before long before Portishead threw their hat into the Trip-Hop ring. To be honest I think Neon Lights fits this bill better, but I already put that up a while back. So instead have cult classic and number #1 single from 1982, The Model.

Rounding us off we have Little Dragon. Ever since her guest spot on Gorillaz's Plastic Beach, Yukimi's been a constant highlight on my radar. Here's a lovely downbeat section from their self titled debut, if you're digging this, they just put out a new album a couple days ago, I definitely recommend you check them out.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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Sakib said...

The live version of Sparks and the studio version sound almost like two completely different songs, they complement each other nicely. I also love the similarness and differences of the live version of Happy Up Here!