Monday 2 June 2014

Back On Time

Hey y'all, sorry for the slow weekend, took some time off and went around. Anyway, I'm back now with a selection of audio goodies to treat you all with, hang tight for the tuns after the pic.

David Firth - Firey Pete

Normally not a massive fan of summer, that's changed recently because that's when we finish for the year here at university. So I spent my Saturday night with a cold brew and this to have one big chill to. It wasn't even planned thanks to my reliance on shuffle but I gotta thank the random maths for making a near perfect decision to put The Flashbulb's stellar acoustic meets IDM sound on then.

Not staying downbeat for long though, couple of bits from Clark's Clarence Park grabbed me; Lord Of The Dance and this one, and since I already wrote a fair bit about how much I love Lord, let's get stuck in here. Fairly short this one, but that just keeps it sweet. Whenever it comes up I fall in love with that melodic streak all over again, a perfect clash of lush and abrasive noises.

With just time left for a last minute request I only saw a few minutes ago (shoutout to the commenter on my big AE/AFX post). Around Chiastic Slide is where me and Autechre start to part ways as the more melodic elements start to take a backseat. Still got time for some of it though, this track is pretty sweet for one but I can't help feel like it's missing something compared to their previous output. If it had those little smooth bits of sound breaking through at the end scattered throughout I think I'd like it more, regardless, enjoy.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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