Sunday 22 June 2014

Eclecticism #2

Here's some tunes, a picture I made, and some writing I wrote. Read my writing if you want.

Polar Noise

First up, Girl Talk; sampling so fine, it's like a quilt made of musical silk.

Japanese electronic pioneers Yellow Magic Orchestra rock out this tune. I just love the entire vibe. Lyrics of sadness & despair, the synths stabbing, swelling and grinding.

One of my favourite track by old-school-digital hip hop group Mantronix. Simple loop, with a sweet simple beat. I will admit, it does sound a little repetitive, but it's such a good sample that it doesn't really matter, because you should be too busy enjoying those sweet sounds. The vocals mix it up a bit, and distract from about 4 minutes of the same loop.

I've had this one going quite often for the last two weeks. That 80's sound that I've been searching for, I finally found in this song. It's not over the top with those horrid synth sounds, but it's still clearly from that era. The amazing vocal work carries a really smooth melody throughout, helping to meld those shorter synth lines together. 

I'll admit that Apogee is not my favourite from Awake; but it is still amazingly well produced, and for that, I love it. The drums simply blow me away, particularly in that intro. The compression is clearly taking its toll on that kick and it works so beautifully, helping to really bring out that energetic first minute and a bit. It's still a Tycho tune, so in all honesty, it's not really anything new. There is a small section that utilises a sampling type sound, and a little bit more guitar. 


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