Monday 16 June 2014

Press Play

Had an interesting talk about the nature of electronic music the other day, with me saying that I love it because it's so diverse and covers all moods and atmospheres. Until someone says what about happy stuff. And granted there's a lot I could throw out that fits that bill for me, but I was looking for stuff you could play anyone and at least get them to crack a smile. Here were my choices.

Jim Rosenquist - Dishes (1964)

Underrated Warp act Plone lead the charge here, their unique brad of electronic is straight up gorgeous and I've yet to hear something along the same lines as it. Shame they disbanded so soon too, I could easily see them thriving in the indie circuit with this kind of output.

Add to that pile a little bit from their purported second album which was finished and set for release on Warp, but never came. Is it legit? Not a clue, but even if it isn't it captures the spirit of Plone in a way I've not heard before or since.

Rounding out we have Bibio. A little bit harder than Plone sure, but it retains that easy going D.I.Y feel that ran through their work just with a rougher edge. When Bibio does stuff like this it's the closest we get to having a spiritual successor to Plone on Warp, there may be others out there but the world is a big place. If you find anything in a similar vein please share it with us!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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