Saturday 14 June 2014

Night Heat

I am very unprepared for summer, to the point where I'm finding it stupid hot throughout the day here and it's only been hitting 19c (66 Fahrenheit for you USA dwellers), the worst is it lingers well into the night and everything's all humid. Still lots of opportunity to bust out more chiller sounds, so here we go.

Andreas Nilsson - Still from Hour Of The Wolf

Starting with something more in the vein of chillwave, as I mentioned a few posts back, Games' debut EP Everything Is Working definitely has more than a touch of Lopatin's Eccojam sensibilities to it. Their output got less sample based as time went on, but this is still a solid track, especially for a debut.

Norway's main electronic exports Röyksopp normally have a wintery vibe to their releases. Can't say that for this bonus track from their sophomore LP The Understanding, with that warbling melody and driving beat it's a far cry from the usual downtempo vibes that I associate with them.

And finally the soundtrack to my summer nights circa 2010; Scribbled Paper, Tucked away at the end of Little Dragon's self titled debut, They were a new addition to my radar back then thanks to Plastic Beach. When it comes up all the memories come flooding back in droves. An absolutely gorgeous track full of lush sounds.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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