Saturday 21 June 2014

Synthesized Summer

On much more of a feel-good trip as of late. Which is surprising me as I spent at least the last year and a half in full on chillout mode. As a result I've dug out a few more upbeat examples from my catalogue to share with y'all. Words and sounds after t'art.

Patrick Nagel - 1578

Despite what I say every post I bring up Rex about supposedly being back in the studio working on his sophomore LP, nothing has come of it so far. Which is both a shame and quite alright at the same time because every single track from his debut is downright fantastic, I would definitely recommend you his unique house vibes to see you through till the fall.

Another bit from Ford & Lopatin's original incarnation as Games. Like The Rex The Dog Show I just mentioned, their EP That We Can Play doesn't put a single foot wrong. Leading off the strength of track 1 Strawberry Skies comes this little number out of nowhere. Chock Full of bleeps and lush synths with the occasional distant vocal, it's a joy to listen to.

And seeing us out is by far and away my favorite lady DJ stroke producer Miss Kittin. In the four year gap inbetween I Com and Batbox her style evolved nicely; the atmospheric tracks are more atmospheric and the more dancefloory numbers like this one here have a lot more kick to them than the slow builds of I Com.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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