Tuesday 24 June 2014

Dark Skies

More typically british weather today as opposed to the more recent sunny spells we've been having. As such it's been pretty dark since about 1PM and combined with me having ot trawl through books and other research for my upcoming dissertation it's not been too cheery. Here's some musical accompaniment.

Francis Bacon - Self Portrait (1958)

Kicking it off is a rather underrated bit from Gorillaz's debut. Tomorrow Comes Today seems to be the favourite example of the trip hop style that came up on their self titled debut, but honestly I almost prefer this over it, that heavy beat and Albarn's downbeat delivery on it is superb and sums up the post-millenium sound quite nicely.

Next is 5 strong noise-rockers HEALTH. Their work always had a electronic edge to it that is only becoming more pronounced as time goes on (and is said by them to be the forefront on the new LP their working on). See this for example, if I had to sum up the kind of sounds on display here, it'd be Sigur Rós's ethereal sound meets dubstep with perhaps just a smidgen of trip hop in the mix. And I mean the good old school dubstep too, not the monster its become. Speaking of...

I've mentioned Distance before, he's one of the few veterans still bigging up the old school sound of dubstep. His debut LP back in 2007 was absolutely killer and has been in and out of rotation by me ever since. It's filled with lots of little bits of expertly placed noises which is of course all tied together by the bass. Decent soundsystem or headphones are an absolute must with this album to pick out all the intricacies.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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