Friday 27 June 2014

End Of Week Quickie

I apologies for the lack of updates, I'm busy these days with the recent arrival of my american relatives. The number of people in your house suddenly doubling is not an easy thing to manage. Anyways here are some songs I've managed to fit into what little downtime there is.

Leading the charge is one of the first bits that The Actress Not The Character sent me from the 5N tape I posted not too long ago that hasn't left my airplay since. Totally reminds me of a more digital sounding version of Massive Attack's Angel and is really intoxicating. Check it!

Nexta track I've passed up posting one too many times. From the first free Suspicious Stench album way back in 2010, that opening is downright fantastic and the callbacks to it during the breakdowns are gorgeous too. The dubstep parts might not have aged too well but it's still one of my favourite examples of excellent builds.

Suspicious Stench - Crucifix

Leaving you with something a little lighter, some old school Flying Lotus from 2005 on the July Heat tape. FlyLo's love for the stuff used on [adult swim] bumps is pretty evident here, it's simple but very very effective. Would love to see him return to this model in his more contemporary style.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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