Tuesday 15 July 2014

1 is less than 2

Hey guys, it's Nite here back with another Album Review, and boy is it a doozy. So much so, in fact, that I seriously contemplated whether or not I should do an In-Depth analysis on this review (EDIT: I'm not because that would be an easy two-parter for sure, and I don't feel like slitting my wrists, thank you). Why you may ask? Because this album is a Double LP, containing a whopping 25 tracks in all. I'm talking about the new Deadmau5 Release, of course.

The new album, titled While 1 is Less Than 2 ( I can't put in the symbol in it, as it fucks up my whole script for some ungodly reason) is filled with a bunch of tracks, both old and new, as well as a couple of remixes from NIN and How to Destroy Angels. Honestly, I was a little skeptical about this album at first, considering that I haven't been a fan of his previous albums and EPs. When I heard that it would be reminiscent to his older stuff, however, I couldn't help but give it a look over. It's a damn good thing I did too, because this stuff definitely surprised me for sure.

 The first Disc is rather Random Album Title-esque, giving us some dark-prog house tracks (Terrors in my Head) as well as some tracks that feel more etherial in nature (i.e. Phantoms Can't Hang). In addition, plenty of tracks are filled with piano bits (i.e. the Piano-Glitch tune 'Creep'), which gives a nice ambiance to the electronic music. Classical/Electronic music is somewhat of a massive turn on for me, so you can only imagine how I feel about listening to this. Overall, Disc 1 is solid, consistent, and far more refreshing to listen to than anything I've heard from Joel from a while (with notable exceptions like The Veldt, of course).

If Disc 1 was a note of Joel's talent and skill, Disc 2 shows what he can do when he's going nearly all out, because GOOD FUCKING LORD IT'S MAGNIFICENT. Whereas Disc 1 seemed more RAT with classical and rock themes mixed in, Disc 2 feels more eclectic. Ranging from the RAM-influenced Seeya feat. Colleen D'Agostino, to the hypnotic "Pets" and  the lovely piano piece "Superbia", Disc 2 had a far more airy, atmospheric approach, compared to the first discs grungier sound. I can't really explain it, but the mood in Disc 2 seemed to fit better to me than the first disc did. I love the entire album, but, for me, The second half is where Joel's genius truly shines, and goes to prove that he's no one trick pony. Also, this pretty much defines the entire message of the album and, thus, validates the LP's title: One is really less than Two.

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with the album, though I find that some of the tracks on the LP (i.e. the Remixes) should've been replaced with something else, as I find them to be rather bland in comparison to the other tracks out there.  Other than that, I really have no complaints to point out. Yes, I find it to be that good.

Final Score: 9.25/10

Here are some tracks from the album to entertain you :

You can buy it off of Itunes, Amazon, from the Deadmau5 site, or in most Electronic stores.

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