Thursday 10 July 2014

Le Grand Départ

Things are back to normal here at Van Foxbat HQ, the americousins have left and things are slowly returning to normal. Oh and something about some big bike race in my home county. Here's some French artwork in honour of that!
Gerard Fromanger - Violet d'Egypte

I posted this on the blog Facebook yesterday but it bears repeating, I can't get enough of this track from Squarepusher's latest EP. Been listening to it solidly since about September and I'm still picking out new things on every listen. Easily stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of 'Pusher for sure.

Broadcast have returned on me in a big bad way. Well, they never left but I've had a lot more of them recently. One of the most underrated bands ever, even on the home of experimental electronic Warp. It's an absolute shame we were robbed of Trish Keenan so soon, her voice makes the Broadcast sound complete and is one of my all time favourites alongside Karin Dreijer. I urge you to check them out.

I realised I've not posted much Massive Attack since I got into them, but I found it quite hard to fit them in here because as much as I like to stereotype Portishead as the moody ones in trip hop, Massive have their fair share of downbeat stuff that wouldn't gel with the above. So after much ums and ahs, have a surprisingly light bit from the very end of the very dark Mezzanine.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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