Friday 18 July 2014

Up In The Clouds

I reall need to start hanging on Soundcloud more, I miss so much stuff by not keeping up with it it's unreal. Have a dump from my latest travels into the sky of sound. I didn't even realise Knxwledge had a soundcloud, he probably gets good mileage out of it with his usual ~1 minute tunes, heres a sweet one I stumbled upon

Lied a bit with this one, I actually saw it go live, meant to post it and plain forgot. HudMo finally released his tune 100HM that I heard a ton on the streets of Los Santos thanks to Flying Lotus. The release is a bit slower than the one in game but I don't mind because this is some heavy stuff. Hope it makes an appearance on an upcoming from him!

Cruising his remix playlist I happened upon this, never heard it before but I had to on the title alone. Was a bit meh on it at first but then HudMo hit his stride and made it happen. Awesome sounds in this one, full of that gorgeous organ synth seen on Robin S' Show Me Love that was a big part of the local house scene of my youth.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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