Wednesday 30 July 2014

Beat Me Up, Scotty

Hello again. Guess what, it's that semi frequent time where I go out and hook myself up to an IV of instrumental hip hop. That's pretty much all for this intro, tracks as usual after more art.

Indie 184 - Call The Shots

The Special Herbs series courtesy of MF Doom has been a major player since I got me mitts on it maybe a year or so ago, chock full of awesome instrumentals with fittingly foody names. Here's the closer to Vol. 2 that's pretty special (plus a little bonus track on the end after the silence).

I finally got around to getting my hands on some of Swedish audio-visual artist Niklas Åkerblad's stuff, or as he's more commonly known El Huervo. His artwork is pretty sick, you should definitely check it out. Onto the track, this is another of those instrumentals that just scratches all my itches like Walking Endustries' Makee I posted some time ago. Think Nujabes or early Bonobo and you're in the right area.

And finally, before the unique vibes of Los Angeles and the like, FlyLo had a more conventional hip hop sound going on. Given his on and off relationship with the [adult swim] crew this isn't that surprising and I appreciate the evolution he's done over his releases, but damn if these early instrumentals aren't sweet (no pun intended). I highly recommend you track down the demo tapes like this he has floating around the 'net, they've got some gold on them.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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