Thursday 3 July 2014

Lush V.2

Same deal as last time here, more chiller stuff I just adore the sound of. That was a short intro. Well you know the drill, tracks and words after the mandatory eye candy!

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Syd Mead - Mobilage

Starting with an album I long struggled to add to my collection due to the ridiculous mark-up on it: Global Communication's 76:14(So called because that is it's total length, the tracks follow suit,though annoyingly they don't match on spotify!). Not that it isn't well deserved mind, it's a gorgeous record throughout and no doubt a fine example of the ambient style of the time. Echoes of The KLF's Chill Out all over this one, combined with that mid to late 90's sense of futurism before the turn of the millennium. Tune in, switch off.

Back to OPN for a bit from Rifts. I adore that album because it's just so dense, I had it in rotation from when I got it in like December '09 and only took it out maybe two years later. The 27 track, 3 album compilation may be too big to digest in one sitting, but it's chock full of little moments that are just brilliant. Prime example here, this track is just beautiful.

I can't believe I've neglected to mention the grandaddy of ambient so far. Eno may not have been the progenitor of Ambient but he coined the term, and his influence is plain to see. the album this is taken from is themed around space and the moon landings and that vibe is captured excellently here. This predates the Global Communication track by 11 years but the foundation is largely the same, albeit minus a drumbeat. Listening to them both back to back is pretty interesting, I definitely recommend it.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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