Wednesday 16 July 2014

Sum Of Parts

What d'ya make of multi-part tracks? I don't like the ones that lead directly into each other because I love shuffle too much, but they're not without merit. Here's a cross section of a few I have.

Atelier Olschinsky - Structures V (01)

For a long time I thought the title of this was a typical piss take you see from the likes of 'Pusher and crew. Lo and behold there are actually multiple Male Pill parts (they still aren't in any sort of order though). Another quite jazzy cut from his debut Warp LP Hard Normal Daddy though with much more prominent breaks. A tad long, but a good listen.

Real love/hate relationship with this one, it takes a while to get going, and the quietness means I crank it up and always jump when those rough drums come in befitting the name. Still that sample is brilliant, and as a track its great, it brings the fire and really shows off DJ Shadow's production chops. Not what I'd associate with the album (I much prefer the trip hop parts), but still a solid track.

And finally Apparat. This is one of those ones I mentioned that lead into each other, but this one gets a pass because the two tracks can stand alone with how its cut. The second part is more along the lines of Clark-style ambient noise, so I picked part one cos I think its a better example of Apparat's output: sprinkles of minimal and ambient above an IDM backdrop.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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