Tuesday 8 July 2014

Do You Want To Build A Snowman

It's winter for half the world right now. Now for some people that means getting to play in the snow, but for me, it means it's just bloody cold. Bringing all you southern hemisphere dwellers my winter list, packed with crunch and things that are perfect for watching it rain. Not a 'dancing in the rain' kind of playlist, more of an 'oh bugger it's raining' type.

Chewed Corners is another exceptional album from µ-Ziq, and one of my personal favourites. With a new EP Rediffusion set to release in August, I recently started going through all of his recent material; and I'm excited. Of his entire collection, I chose the final track from Chewed Corners, Weakling Paradinas.
With smooth bell types and a thumping kick to start off, the song comes off as a little lost. It quickly finds itself, with quality µ-Ziq pads and a more definitive beat. Gradually adding complexity and layers throughout, Paradinas build the tune into something magical. The baseline comes in soon after a slight lapse, and from there it only gets louder, more complex, and more magical than Houdini. Perfect for sitting and watching the frantic world go past as it simply buckets down.

Reversing now to a really downtempo jam from Nujabes. Even though the lyrics are in Japanese, simply the softness and smoothness is enough to calm all storms.

Back to the basics of staying relaxed, Clams Casino. Again, a good one for slowing everything right down, heating you up with warm silky bass underneath all the icy high end distortion. 

Lastly some Crystal Castles. Another nice one to sit and relax to when it's gently cascading from the skies, little pure souls blessed to end.

Stay frosty,

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