Monday 22 February 2016

Back On Tracks

Hello! Slightly late again but good news! The decorating part is done so now I can go back to being a full time tune vendor. Starting off this week with some things I've found on my soundcloud feed. This one caught my ear first because I don't get much hip-hop/trip hop stuff on my feed most of the time, and second because I'm 99% sure that the beat up to the first minute is the same sample as Massive Attack's Blue Lines (which would be Tom Scott's Sneakin' In The Back).

Hot off the heels of last time's Bebop remixes post; I decided to check in on DJ Vadim again. And there I found this lovely reggae infused number. Yet another reminder I need to catch up on my lists more, because this is supremely my jam this Monday.

And a quick browse through Nightmares On Wax's reposts gives me many a tune to pick from. This one here is giving me Morcheeba come Little Dragon vibes. And so completes the chill trinity that I need while rendering and whatnot today. Hope this sees you Monday through as well!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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