Sunday 14 February 2016


Apologies for the slight lateness again, it's been a whirlwind couple of days; ilictronix is now coming to you from the shiny sleekness of Windows 10 and I had to spend a little while tinkering with drivers and programs for compatibility's sake. Anyway, back to music: my man Celadon City finally put out Earth: OST and I have been giving it a listen on this surprisingly sunny Valentine's day morning.

It's chock full of the gorgeously smooth Celadon City sound we've come to expect, intermittently sprinkled with ambient pieces that take a few cues from Boards Of Canada, and wouldn't be too out of place on a LP from The Flashbulb (Heartsday, I'm looking at you). Currently I have Greenlands on loop (and probably will for some time to come). I'm absolutely in love with the distortion going on, it feels like my speakers are going to burst and wash me away in a sea of sound. Think a slightly smoother Analog Worms Attack or LA-era Flying Lotus and you're almost there.

if it's tickling your fancy, you can pick up the LP on Hush Hush Records' bandcamp, iTunes, Bleep or Juno Download.

You can find more Celadon City on:

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